50% Raise For All Steem Payouts Imminent!

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We are about to see one of the coolest phenomenons of the Steem blockchain: A rapid adjustment of post payouts for the entire ecosystem! In this post I am describing the effect that is immenent and will happen within the next few hours.

Steem Payouts Are Flexible

The amount you see next to all your posts and comments is never set in stone. It can not just be downvoted again. The value is merely an approximation of what it would be worth in Steem Unit Tokens (a term coined by @dragosroua) before it is paid out in SBD and Steem Power. And before it even comes to that the post or comment has to wait for seven days in which it can still receive more upvotes - but also loose or gain value without a single up- or downvote!

This comes due to the fact that payouts are calculated with a Steem median price of 3.5 days to avoid constant recalculations. Within these three and a half days the price of Steem can sometimes still fluctuate rather drastically. Exactly that has happened in our favor now again. The Steem price went up from an average of $4.38 where it was lingering over the past week to far over $6. So far this was not reflected in our payouts yet due to the median lagging behind.


Your Payouts Will Go Up

In a few hours the average Steem price starts to increase quickly. Over the next day we will see an increase of nearly 50% if the price of Steem stays relatively stable over $6. All your posts and comments will get higher and higher payouts in Steem Unit Tokens without a single more upvote.

If you want to check out the current Steem average price go to Steemnow and click on the Steem price in the top right corner. That will activate the median graph below. As you can see in the current situation the breakout is immenent. The graph is moving to the left and hopefully continues high in the next days to keep at that level.



This is fantastic news for all of us and a marvelous example to explain how the payout systems reacts to the Steem price. However, it is also a lesson in not getting too attached to the little number next to your posts as they can change quickly and are constantly misleading in what you will actually get in the end. If you want to get more insight into your payouts check out Steem Supply.

But keep in mind that even there all those numbers still can and often will change.

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Good news and very true , I expect steem to move up even more over next few months ,


To the moon

Oh thank you for this post - I was wondering why the potential payouts are looking waaaay better. :) I also love your words about not growing too attached to the numbers. I feel like in general the more attached we are to anything, the less it wants to hang around us :)).


Very wise words, Bellydancegirl!

Yes! I'm excited to see ow the payouts increase as the prices continues to stabilize over the next few days! Thanks for the post!


I am looking forward for the price to continue to rise as well, some are easily projecting over $100 per steem


yes everyone is excited to see an increase in payouts

Yes I’ve noticed this before, good explanation cheers mate

I was wondering why the numbers bounce all over the place. Great explanation.

How the payout work?..today isjust my second day in steemit..just want to know when actually we can see whatever we gain from posting & commenting transferring to the wallet? ...if only getting like 0.01 per upvote is that also being count and transfer to wallet or there is certain amount of threshold ?


After seven days you get your payouts into your wallet where you have to click a huge colorful button to claim it. Everything counts and you will get even 0.001 Steem or SBD but Steemit payouts don't show that.

Comments have their own timer. Your comment here will get its payout as well after seven days. Here is nice welcome from me. :)


oh thank you so much...and also thanks a lot for upvote me..the most I get from comment :)

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Ha ha... I just looked at that because the price has been really lagging and I saw the tidal wave coming in! What a great tool!


A tidal wave is a great name for that graph coming from the right. :D

but now steem again decreases to 5.6$ man

Flauwy at it again with the good news! That’s so good to hear man. I’m really happy I’m a part of this incredible community and this little post just made it that much sweeter. Stay awesome man!


Hehe, always delivering the good stuff. :D

Thanks, flauwy for the wonderful explanation regarding steemit rewards and payouts. My research into the steem tokens and currencies has shown me contradicting information and simply generated more questions than I had originally before.

It's so great to see such a concise, informative and well-written post that puts together all of these ideas in a single bite-sized reading.

Your blog is the epitome for the average Steemian to learn a little more about how this crypto stuff works. I look forward to your future posts. Steem to the moon!!!


Thanks for this eloquent celebration of my work. It's a mix of neverending grind, making tons of money and changing the world.

Yea I wish there were an advanced feature that would just tell me what the amount was in SBD and SP. I can to the math but looking at the dollar price is a shot in the dark.


Check out Steem Supply for that!

I had no idea they used the median price I thought it was the price at the moment of payout. I am kind of ignorant about how Steemit actually works still. I really should get more familiar with it


I didn't know that either until two weeks ago. Makes things much clearer now.

Increasing price doesn't matter for smaller minnows ,Lol it's funny whenever steem price goes up, I get very less or no upvotes so all my payouts are averaged on the same line unless I could get a bot vote.
The more funnier thing is whenever price goes up these free bots also stops giving votes(like minnowsupport, busy and others..), they have always some kind of issues on their bots..I don't understand Is this just a coincidence.


I guess it is a coincidence. The bid-bots don't really care for the Steem median anyways. The bot tracker is calculating with the current market price and most people adjust their bids according to that. This happens in real-time and does not lag behind.

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Well, I am talking about those free bot services..I don't know if you had noticed or not
when steem was around @8 no bots like minnowsupport, busy were down at that time, and other few bots were giving too little vote than they used to normally. And when steem came back to 4 everything was fine for them,lol.Even free service bots are being self-centric?

Well, have experienced my payout increased and I was so excited about it...
I thought maybe a whale visited me or something, but when I checked the number of upvote, no whale visited, and I now have a clear knowledge of what happened ..
Thanks for this great post...


I went through a few changes like this before I discovered the reason for it. So I thought I make a post out of it. :)

I had a happy smile on my face, when seeing on Steemworld that my own voting power has grown miraculously over the past hours - and so did the payouts in line.... thank you for your post, thus I could understand it a bit better. As the charts of most cryptos are volatile, it is always important to bear in mind, how fast things can chance in an opposite direction again, but I do have the feeling that in the long run the curve will have an upward trend :-) With the current positive trend, it will be a funtime voting and commenting tomorrow, when Werner @double-u opens his "Ohne Zusammenhang" Kneipe (virtueller Art, versteht sich) for us again - feel free to come over for a drink! Herzliche Grüße aus dem Siebengebirge und danke für deine wundervollen und immer nicht nur sehr lesenswerten sondern auch sehr hilfreichen Posts!


Gern geschehen! You are right, the volatility can go both ways. But let's be honest: Even with a Steem price of $1 this was already a great place to be. Now it is an amazing place to be.


Haha, it surely is the best place to be in the www :-)

I was just about writing a bug report to utopian to complain about how the payout on my post doesn't reflect the amount been claimed, about 25% reduction in my payout is not a joke at all, but now that I understand how it works, then it's cool.

Thanks for sharing this.
Have a lovely friday

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Haha it would definitely cause panic to see the little number next to your blog post, but when collecting your payout after 7 days, see that it does not match at all. Glad you've cleared up this misconception!


Well, don't forget the 20% sponsor rewards that are substracted from your 75% author rewards (after curation rewards).

This is a well explain of the Steem Payout. I also wonder why price always up and down. Just learned from your post that payout is calculated with a Steem median price of 3.5 days. Thanks @flauwy for sharing. :-)


I also just learned that a few eeks ago!

Wow! I did not know that. sorry but I'm a new steemians. So happy. hahahaha thanks @flauwy


We all started with a million question marks over our heads. ;)

very good post, please help how can i join utopian, i am very interested in utopian and you.
please help me in how I can succeed in steemit.
please vote me.



Check out my Youtube channel for my Utopian videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNqTpF3gwJmb1P56Y0digMA

I agree with the other comments. Good stuff you are writing about keeping us updated with vital information and insights not everyone has their head wrapped around. Appreciate your work!


Thanks, best work I ever had!

Great news bro I like your post

Great post, thanks. Upvoted, resteemed and shared to almost 7000 people on twitter!


Ooh nice, thx. :)

the payouts are really flexing doing lots of up's and down


Get used to it. ;)

Yaaay! Let’s wait for it!! My sbd’s are quite low, so I’m excited by every tony cent and this will increase my excitement!!


Every bit counts and makes it easier and easier!

Ah, now I understand the chart on Steemnow.com. Thanks for the explanation.


It's a great tool to help understand what is going on

This is great news! The steemit blockchain is forever growing & has the potential to rise to $10 or $15 by years end. The community responds better when everybody is profiting in my opinion. Awesome post! Resteemed


I think that is a very conservative estimation. ;)

This is good news. I've noticed this before and figured it must have to do with the price of Steem. I did notice it takes time to update to market prices, but I never knew the details (that it was a 3.5-day moving average).


Yeah, it is a cool little piece of info.

Wow this is wonderful news to wake up to. Can I also just say well done for writing this post so far this is the first post I read about crypto that I actually understood very well you just made my friday even better thanks.


Hehe, glad to be of help. :)

wow good for content creators steemit is giving them the best opportunity


This System ist the dream

I have never traded for it, I am still a beginner, but I am a little surprised when asked what friend I have produced.

i will take it 2 more months hopefully enough to buy a laptop to support my work in steemit


Yeah go for it. This is a gold mine.

Happy to receive this positive update! It is a big boost for my motivation to plod along every day to reach my Steemit targets! Thank you!


Yeah it also made my day!

Well that was a nice surprise to see first thing in the morning. I had a look and sure enough all the post payments are up by 30-ish percent. Good way to end the week and head into the weekend.


Since you wrote this comment quite a bit more. ;)


I know, it's wonderful :))

oh that's why there is a slight increase damm i am loving this


Me toooooooooooo!

let it go more up what say ;)
good for the people who are on steemit


Golden times

Awesome news. It will be interesting to see where Steem stabilizes over the long run. Of course, all of us here are hoping for new all-time highs :)

I am still quite confused on how to gain reputation score and how that effects payout. Do you have any good articles or posts to link to?



Reputation depends on how much powerful Steem Power upvotes you have received. It starts at 25 and climbs quickly and then slower and slower. Each rank will need much more than the previous. On 68 I need thousands of dollars upvotes to jump to 69.

Thanks for the info I did not know that. @flauwy What about the price of the Steem Dollar, does this play any role in the calculation of the payout?


No and that is so brilliant. The SBD payout is always as if 1 SBD would be 1 USD. Then you sell them on the market for currently seven times more.

I think your Post is for a big group of people very helpful!
Thx for making this Website for us!
Upvote when your in my opinion @alokkamboj


Well, I don't make the website, I merely use it. :)

Pfff, I want to buy steem and its more expensive each day.


Don't we all? ;)

But recently it has been decreasing drastically why?


Becase by then the Steem price was at 4 for a few days and filled the entire median


Ok but it's increasing now.. But i was not lucky my intro post was already due before it started to increase again

That't great news about the increase in payouts @flauwy. Does this have an effect on converting SBD to Steem. I haven't done so the last 2 days because I saw that I was only going to get just over 1 Steem for my SBD whereas previous to that I was getting more than 1.5


Not really. That depends on the two prices ratio. This can be very volatile!

  ·  last year (edited)

This is good news @flauwy.. Just few days ago i was making research on steemit, steem, steem dollar and all other related parties to the community. I discovered awesome facts.

On my blog I will be dropping some lines today and the 7 prediction that must come to reality this year on steemit community.. This post is just graduall fulfillment of those predictions.

I am glad you posted this and it just did something to my mind..


I am me @brightfame


Steemit will change the world!

Excellent news for the weekend ! Nice explanation of how this works


Just doing my job. :D

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Making over $300 US to inform people that their payments on Steemit are about to go up and explaining why this will happen and that this is great. How does one feel about that? :)


I paid a big chunk of it myself.


I guess when you have locked up lots of Steem, the only way to get a fair amount of interest on it is to upvote your own posts. Otherwise, you would be better withdrawing it and investing it elsewhere.

Well, since BTC is taking us down again rapidly, our median won´t go up that much. I hope, that the dependency on BTC will end soon....


Totally agree on that!


how to increas steeemit upvote pleas help me


You need more Steem Power for higher upvotes. You earn Steem Power with posting and commenting. Here, I upvote your comment and that gives you a bit more Steem Power in 7 days.

I’m excited to be receiving more! Imagine when Steemit reaches 15+!

Great news. Thanks for sharing

actually posts can be downvoted through flagging

Thanks for sharing great news.....

so perfect and peaceful

This post has received a 44.11 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @flauwy.

I am yet to feel it...

so perfect and peaceful..

well nice .. this is good

Yes! I'm excited too...


Thanks for the article @flauwy

love to read it. cryptoes are future.
thanks for your helpful post

so informative post man

I hope it will rise and grow fast... we have to back everyone up to make this dream come true... come on steemit people...