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RE: Reminder: Steem absolutely and completely violates GDPR and European privacy laws

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For the users of the platform - If you think Facebook is bad for "leaking" data, think about Steem. It leaks all data about you and everything you post, to everyone, at all times. There's zero recourse or appeal either.

I wish people would be aware more of that. On an immutable public blockchain, any company can spin up a node and start mining all data available for every account. Let Steem grow a little in userbase and watch how Nielsen and its ilk descend on us and mine the BC.


Exactly. I wouldn't be surprised if they are doing it already. (Not Nielsen, but maybe some Cambridge Analytica wannabe startup.) No one would ever know.

But it goes deeper than just some data mining company. All governments, all corporations, all advertisers, all underworld, all stalkers, serial killers, sexual predators - everyone has all access to all your data. And there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Even Orwell didn't see this coming.

And we tend to promote it as... the opposite. Tracking free.

Wake up, people. The tracking on a blockchain is FREE, it’s not tracking free.

Most people even not aware that most interfaces also use Google Analytics. One of the worst “The product is YOU” behemoths.

you can be discriminating in what you post.

I thought transparency was one of the benefits of STEEM.

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