Steem listed on BINANCE

in steem •  2 years ago 

Allright Ladies & Gentlemen,

Strap in for a wild ride. Steem just got listed on Binance, hold on to your bags!! This is actually pretty big news I think.

Also, read about the official announcement here:

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Seemed to pop then drop ... Oh well. Glad I have a little.

The drop will be temporarily. Steem to $100!

I sure hope so. I could then retire and paint and blog for a living. Just like I always wanted to.

Wow, this is exciting!

So exciting, as a matter of fact, I just wrote 2 lines in a post and immediately clicked POST POST POST

This could be my worst post ever, but possibly about the best news so far in 2018..

Yes this is very good news!;)I think now steem will start to grow!


Sure is! But I still think the correct place to store Steem, is in a Steem wallet, with a Steem account and powered up :)

I agree with you my friend!Binance is a great place for steem!


Haha, I love the meme! Anyway, this is very exciting for Steem and Steemit, and I'm glad that I still hodl all my coins ;) There is no stopping Steem now!

I saw everything go green. How about Steem Dollar? Are we about to see Steem surge past it now finally?

This is a most exciting news. We are going places 👌