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Steem Velocity Hardfork - Hardfork 20

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I am also not up on this and don't really understand this post. When I came here in June 2017, I did not pay for my account. Nor did anyone else I invited in the last year. Has something changed now that makes people pay to get in? All of the content creators I invited have left and I have stopped trying to get people here now, but you never know.

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Hey Fitinfun! The issue is, somebody did pay! You got some amount of free steem (its been going down and will now be zero free steem, incidentally this has caused a lot of the spam problems) and a delegation.

This was required both to 'save' your space on the blockchain, and as 'price of admition' for bandwidth, to post anything.

Now, this bandwidth price (RCs) can now be used to power new account creation. It is technical, but this should solve the two week wait period, which has affected lots of people that I have recommended, and also will allow each dapp (dlive, dtube, utopian etc) a clear method to onboard their own new users to the steem blockchain.

I love when you ask, and if I don't know, I have more things to ask ;p


Oh I see - I did get that small delegation as I recall in the beginning. Thank you for answering.

I think it would be good it someone could write a post about "the hardfork for dummies" when this gets adopted. Please tell people like me -

  • you used to do this; but now you should do this instead.

I'm a weight loss coach, author, and blogger. I do not really have the skills to keep up with all of this info. But if someone tells me what to do and/or what the options are, I can follow directions.


Happy to help, and I really should consider doing this. I will probably wait until this is officially voted on by the witnesses (I think thats how it works), and gets closer to implementation.

Part of my problem is that I am 'middle level'. I understand many things but not all, and most only on a practical level not technical. So I occasionally get held back by my desire to also know more and feeling like I don't know enough yet.

What I am realizing is that the real tech guys can't explain anything in any where close to lay-human terms, I was listen on the last witness summit on minnow support (msp-waves), and the lead guy gave witnesses a chance to explain what witnesses are in simple terms, it was a joke. I understood, and it was really meant for me, the people under the developers trying to speak their language. They can't even fathom the gap to the normal person.

Anyways, thanks for the encouragement, great job on your curie comments, I've been seeing you ;p and with pleasure I will try to answer anything I can if you ever have any other questions!