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RE: We released our Steem podcast today - check it out and let us know what we missed.

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Really enjoy the podcast, I actually subscribed just a few days ago on google play. A couple of things to clear up-

Flags- While there is a suggested use for flags here (plagiarism, identity theft, etc..) Steemit is a decentralized platform and everyone is free to vote their stake, up or down, however they like. There are groups like steemcleaners who are dedicated to fighting abuse on the platform but they are just a group of regular users who set their own standards.

If someone wants to flag you because they disagree with your rewards, your ideas, or just because they are a dick, they can do it. There is no central authority that moderates what is or isn't allowed, it's all up to the community to decide. If you want to learn a little more about flags you can check out this post.

Post values- While the SBD is supposed to be pegged to the USD and always will be on the lower end, speculation has driven the SBD price above 1 dollar. Lately its been in the 3-5$ range, peaking around 15$ dollars a month or 2 ago. So the payout amounts you see posted next to a post are in SBD and will actually be a bit larger in USD than the number listed.

Why hold Steem Power- You asked what the point would be of adding Steem power, well there are a few benefits. As you noticed, it increases how much your vote is worth. So you can vote on your posts (though doing this exclusively is frowned upon) and reward yourself that way. It also increases the rewards you earn from curation. During the first 30 minutes a % of your curation reward does go to the author, after 30 minutes you still get the curation reward just without any portion going to the author. For example, 75% of the post goes to the author, 25% to the curator. Lets say you held enough steempower to make your upvote worth 10 dollars. If you found a post that had no votes and gave it your full 10 dollar vote after the 30 minutes had passed and nobody else voted, you would get the full curation reward of 2.50$.

Passive income Other than the interest you get there is the option to delegate your Steem power to another user. There are people that will pay you a fee to rent your SP for an agreed upon time.

Sorry for the long explanations but those are the things that immediately popped up in my head after listening to the episode. I will definitely follow you guys and share my meager upvote when you post. I figure if you can entertain me while I am at work its the least I can do, especially since it doesn't actually cost me anything. Keep up the good work :)


We decided to omit delegation talk because it was fairly advanced (you'll notice most of our Steem power is delegated), but I was completely wrong on the flag/down vote. I never saw the option to down vote so just assumed it was t there. That's why I say all the time we're idiots! Thanks so much for the massively informative post. Wish I'd seen it before we did the episode!

No worries, I forgot to mention that you guys sound like poker players so I should have pointed out the SPL (steem poker league). They run freerolls for SBD, granted its not a lot but still worth checking out. The website is here- or you can check out the posts by @tuck-fheman who runs it.

We are, in fact, poker players. I'll check that out.

Very valuable response and we really appreciate it! We are learning and this has been really fun and interesting platform to study.

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