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I'm sure you've heard about Bitcoin. Most, however, do not know what's under the hood, and what makes it so popular and the subject cryptocurrency is one of the top nowadays. Bitcoin (as any cryptocurrency) is based on blockchain, and blockchain is a technology I call Web 3.0. Enables people to secure, open and unlimited coexistence of resources on the Internet. In Blockchain (represented by Steem) no one can forbid another person to write, there are no moderators and anyone can join.

For a year since the creation of Steem many people did not realize the possibilities of this Blockchain. For many it is Reddit with the possibility of making money, some have seen reddit without moderation and censorship ... I see the whole open internet.

Imagine that you get up in the morning, you open the paper on the internet ... that works on Steem ... you give upvote under a cool article. You sit down at a computer and write an entry on your blog - of course your blog does not use a regular database, and the data is stored in Blockchain. In the evening you want to watch a movie ... which is free, since Steem creators can earn money, and others watch without advertising and pay, and eventually before bed you open SteemDash to improve sleep :)

SteemDash is not a revolutionary web site, nor is it the best Steem site. But in addition to providing you entertainment (I hope) will show developers that the site in Steem does not have to be another Reddit-killer.

SteemDash is a Steem based website, an alternative to and similar sites, where users share funny quotes they have found on instant messengers, chat rooms, IRC, Facebook, Twitter ...

Of course, as with other sites on Steem, you can upvote posts so that the author can get Steem and Steem Dollars, which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrency.

Personally, I think SteemDash is a complement to the Steem pages, so it does not manage your wallet.

How to start?

To start playing with SteemDash go to

If you do not have an account - press Register and follow the instructions.

If you have an account - sign in to your Steem account. Then you will be logged into SteemDash which will allow you to vote for other people or add your own Dashes.



I'm very interested in how you developed this. I saw that you used Bootstrap for the UI. Did you use a web framework and a library to access the Steem blockchain?

I'm working towards being a blockchain developer and would like to build projects like this.

Good work!

Source code is on github, we use SteemConnect library, Steem library, SteemPHP and some other technologies

Interesting, I'm headed there now.

I like the idea, thanks for sharing ;-)
I see you are using #en-steemdash to look for entries, would it be possible to have other tags for other languages ? I am sure the #fr community would like that ! (and probably the other communities as well)

No problemo :P But I need (if is possible) to translate some words
And the problem is with moderation posts ...

I would be happy to help with localization, if you have a github repo or something I can directly work there. Otherwise a simple key/value file will do.

About moderation, what mecanism are in place currently ? Is there wome approuval required ?

I work to release SteemDash on github.
For now, you can chat to me on Steemit Chat (also nick Fervi)

Great job. Maybe a UI framework (Material UI or Bootstrap) for quick style refinement may help? Also making the quotes in the shape of bigger texts with background color will be much more attractive (users can select the font and colors in editor). Great idea BTW, re-esteemed.

It is Bootstrap v3. Maybe v4 (Alpha) is better. But of course it is "first version" and we will working on it

Thanks for the possibility of short shots.

Hello, not really. It is something like where you save your stories from IM's (funny things), sometimes jokes.

Thanks for teaching. We will joke.

extremly important information sir i appreciate your work.

Thanks ;)

Many thanks for your post. I am sure it would have taken me a while to learn about this. I like the idea and will check it out right now. :)

Great! :)

thanks sir...

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