Double down or Back away: 2x Steem Power

in steem •  3 months ago

With all the crying lately on how low the prices have fallen and how bad this situation is and how sad everyone feels for themselves I could not take it anymore

I bought more Steem Power

Last week I wrote about taking out some of my Bitcoin trading profits and buying myself something nice...

So I went ahead and bought me some nice new sunglasses to replace some I had lost the week before. It might not have been huge but its nice to have bought something with my trading profits.

The next day I bought 500 SP and powered that up... and that felt great...

But that was not enough.
And I still had some of those profits left from the sale of my BTC after taking some out in Fiat. Some of these are on buy orders on Bittrex or Binance to buy a bit other alts now that they are back to november levels. A bit of ETH, NEO and Cardano to diversify the portfolio and also as you can see these are staking (or future staking) coins so I am building a bit of passive income there (thanks to some sage advice from @indigoocean)

(I even made this nice piggybank passive income fund pic, feel free to use it)


There was some left over and that went to my new power up yesterday. So in one week I have doubled the amount of Steem Power I had here on this Blockchain.
For me Steem is a project that is running over 2 years, it has proven itself and its not going away anytime soon.

Our community is growing and it is actively generating some income for itself by creating small to medium businesses, writing, vlogging, blogging, scamming, copy pasting etc...

This is not just a project that is doomed to go down in obscurity like some of the smaller cryptos. For that it is to late. I still consider myself an early investor both with time and money and am convinced I will reap the rewards in the times to come. If SMT and communities even fulfil a fraction of what people think they will then the future of Steem as a project is guaranteed.
And even if all that would not be so successful I do not really think Steem as a community is really able to die off. I am staying here and a lot of others are as well.

I spend a lot of time here on Steem so I might as well

double down

Have you taken the chance and bought more Steem at these prices?
These are the times a lot of people will look back to later and say:

I wish I had doubled down... and powered up

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I bought 565steem and powered up last week and, if the market goes down I will buy again some more.
There is no better blockchain than Steem.

Actually I’m building my SP as much as I can. All my rewards go directly to increase my SP.
We are in the accumulating period.

The future is promising.


yea, I see you are at 3k as well, congratz...
And this is really a new chance for all those that joined last year and this year and are not here since 2016
we can now become the middle class here.
thanks for the resteem by the way
could I possibly also ask for your vote for @swisswitness? that would be amazing.


I voted you guys in the past but I saw you were "inactive" last time I audited my witness votes...
Did you fix your problems?


yes, thanks, good of you to check. Server has been back up and running solid for over a week now. We are just tinkering with our price feed now (and fixing this should happen soon enough)


Ok, you have my vote then ;-)


thanks very much, its appreciated

good on ya mate..

good move. looking at neo since a few days. neo is so cheap at the moment, I should buy some more as well.


I will start buying once they hit 13 ish