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How about the elephant in the room - the extreme disparity between the vote weights (both upvotes and downvotes) between people with larger holdings and those without.

I don't think I would be downvoting somebody that has huge SP as they can pretty much ruin any post rewards i have pending with very minor, and to them, insignficant votes. This is a problem on the platform that needs to be addressed. Anyone with money can pretty much take over and push their content to their top by self voting with big money and unless anyone else with money wants to take them on (leading to flag wars as we've seen in the past), they'll be getting away with it


Absolutely. It becomes a matter of voting up the user or voting down the user rather than the content itself. I divested my Steem Power because anyone can easily nullify my support for another user. So, the inflation that I pay for for holding Steem makes me lose worth but those that with a huge amounts of Steem power use the money creation with vote selling to improve their position in Steem. It just makes more economical sense to hold bitcoin if history is any indication of future direction.

Exactly my point as well. People won't take the downvote for the post but take it for themselves. It will end up in a downvote war. Downvote is useless for the platform unless there is someone who take care of downvote abusers. There are many practical difficulties in implementing this.

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Except it has been implemented since the very beginning? But really, downvoting is a waste of resource unless you really REALLY hate the post. I'd rather upvote contents I like than downvoting contents I disagree.

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