Exchanging 100SBD for upvotes

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I know many of you out there have a lot of steem power but you don't have SBD on your steemit wallet for some daily business like sending SBDs to bots for their services.

It is a bit complicated to deposit money from bank accounts to Steemit and it takes some time. That is why I will help you to get SBD fast.

All you have to do is upvote this post and put in comment below key word "@faces" I will send to your account SBD equal to 75% of your upvote value.

If you upvote this post with 1$ you will receive 0.75SBD. (Because of curation rewards)

If you don't comment with key word "@faces" I will consinder your upvote as donation to this post.

I will send SBD as soon as possible, you will have to wait longest 12h if I go to sleep :D

Only upvotes worth 0.10 $ and more will receive SBD, lower value upvotes can't participate.

Here are some of big guys I already know, if you know anyone else that need SBD fast you can tag them in comment: @lexiconical @bitcoincompany @earthnation @kingscrown @jwolf @cnts

This condition is active until I exchange 100$ or 7 days from publishing this post.

Photo made in paint

Very friendly and helpful group of steemians, give them a chance if you still didin't: https://steemit.com/@adsactly


This is an interesting experiment, @faces and I hope you get the results you are looking for.

You received 0.12SBD thank you for stopping by

good luck my friend. Makes sense unfortunately i’m only sitting at 7 cents full power.. so I’ll just upvote and wait till I have enough POWER

Thank you for kind words :=)

Post a good friend and I haven't able to upvote as @faces inform, but I give them away post your friends..

I'm glad to have you by my side :)

yes sure my friend I'll be beside you because of you inspiring me and you as my teacher.

100 SBD!? Your steemit pockets must be deeeep🤑. Unfortunately I don’t have $0.10 but nevertheless it’s warming to see someone helping out the community.
@faces keep up the good work!

If we help the community, community will help us :)

Only upvotes worth 0.10 $ and more will receive SBD, lower value upvotes can't participate. But thank you for your time

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
Nice, you got a 47.0% @peaceandlove upgoat, thanks to @faces
It consists of $11.2 vote and $3.73 curation
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Thank you for this post @faces. It has been very helpful and informative.

@faces I've upvoted your post!

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