WTF Steemit?

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Communication? Back to old Steemit it seems.

Two lame tweets basically explaining nothing at all.
Why are you even employing a Head of Communications and Advocacy, if he does not communicate at all in times of crisis?
Was he on vacation?
It is 48 hours after the halt and we have still no info what happened, if funds are safe, if the bug is fixed... that's poor crisis management.

The only conclusion left for me is, that they don't know if the bug is fixed and if funds are safe. This is the only reason that would make sense to cut out all communication.

I am a little worried tbh.

And what is this nice featured post from 50 years ago :D


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UPDATE: Blocktrades is a top witness and just announced that funds are safe. Good to know.

Completely agree. Communication was very disappointing. STINC has done it again!

business as usual