Quick shoutout - We have a new world record in daily transactions again 😁

in steem •  last year


You read that right! We have a new world record in daily STEEM transactions (tx).

A few days ago ETH overtook STEEM and also made a new world record with 1,115,461 tx. But today the STEEM blockchain did 1,155,679 tx while using only 0.1% of the maximum blockchain capacity....

This trend is likely to continue, so STEEM and ETH will produce record after record, as their userbase grows.

STEEM will of course be on top, because we managed to produce this world record with only 43,000 daily active users...

Imagine 200,000 daily users or more...


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Have a nice day :-)

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Its getting more exciting every day :)

This is great news. Is there a stats site where we can see how that 1.15 mil transactions breaks down: votes, deposits, withdrawals, etc..


Not that I know of. But this would be a great project for a skilled programmer to do.

It's quite amazing how much hidden potiental the Steem blockchain offers. Let's just patiently wait for the Steem price to rise ;)

This is brilliant, The more users join the more this will go up UP UP! I enjoy been among some of the first here!

Thats huge!

thank you very much for your valuable information

STEEM all the way!! Other coins dont have the compacity to handle this

It is great to see the Steem blockchain back at the top again! And the best part is that we can make 1000x as many times transactions as the one yesterday before it becomes a problem!

This really is great news! thanks for sharing! I had no idea. Keep up the great content! :)

Wow, this is great news. It does seem to be technically the best Blockchain out there. Will you post a link to where these stats are from. I would like to take a closer look. Thanks.


Thank you.

excellent news