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RE: Digital Kitties on Steem? How would the Steem blockchain handle 700,000 transactions per day?

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With the various hiccups that have occurred on the Steem blockchain from the Steemit standpoint, I consider this a very bold statement.

Do I doubt that the Steem blockchain could handle the 70k+ transactions from the silly kitty app? No.

Do I doubt that the Steem blockchain would handle the 70k+ transactions from the silly kitty app, plus all of the other transactions currently running on the Steem blockchain, without any hiccups? Yes.

Is this a perfect test case for the Steem blockchain? Yes.

Try marketing the idea to the Ethereum app people.. or build your own version of the kitty app on Steem.. Lure them with the rewards aspect. I'm sure they'd love to earn money (Steem) on top of earning money (cash)!


To add the (current) kitty traffic to the Steem blockchain on top of what is already there would basically just be doubling what we are doing today. This is not really that huge of an increase. We are far from capacity as far as the number of transactions we can process. Bring on the kitties! :)

[Edit] also, the recent performance issues a few weeks back was from the website, not the Steem blockchain. There is a difference.. is just a front end website that renders data and allows users to interact with the blockchain. There were some scaling issues with that, but they were addressed - and at no time was the stability of the blockchain impacted.

So should I prepare the litterbox? Tell me is working on it!

Something along those lines would be an awesome concept for a community developer to take on. I’m not sure how it would be done, or what exactly they would build (I’m hoping it would be more than just a copycat), but we are a creative community - I’m sure we can think of something cool!

Yup. We are laser focused on SMTs, HF20, the mobile wallet, and Hivemind. The Steem blockchain is a protocol and our mission is to make it ideal for developers who want to create applications like this, not to make the apps ourselves.

The mobile wallet, if similar to other secure wallets that provide owners with access to their private keys, sounds like a great concept and is something I would be greatly interested in!

Similar, but even more secure :) Coming soon

Yeah, this is spot on. There have been no issues with the Steem blockchain.

If you re-read my post, you will notice that I said NOTHING about there being a problem with the STEEM Blockchain. Thanks for your interest.

I'm not trying to say it can't be done. I'm just nowhere near as confident as you are about the lack of downstream impacts.

Historically, there have been several hiccups (at least on the Steemit front) where significantly increased activity on the Steem blockchain has disrupted the "face of Steem" (also referred to as the Steemit website).

Simply because the Steem Blockchain is functioning as planned, doesn't change the fact that the majority of Steem in circulation exists on Steemit. If Steemit is disrupted, Steem therefore becomes less valuable.

At least until SMTs come out and become more profitable than Steemit and people cash in their stake...

Simply because the Steem Blockchain is functioning as planned, doesn't change the fact that the majority of Steem in circulation exists on Steemit. If Steemit is disrupted, Steem therefore becomes less valuable.

Sorry, but this is not how it works. The STEEM that you see in your wallet, is actually in your Steem blockchain wallet. The website just shows you the tokens that exist in your blockchain account. You could use any other Steem wallet interface (example Vessel) and you would see the same tokens there.

Yeah this is so inaccurate it's "not even wrong." It doesn't even make sense.

While that may not be "how it works", I would be willing to state, with a large probability of accuracy, that 80% or more of current, active, Steemit users do NOT use any other interface for their Steem Wallet outside from Steemit.

The performance issues have been addressed, and the dev team continues to work on more improvements. There are multiple wallets available as a work around if there ever is an issue. I don’t think there is as big of a problem as you think there is.

I'm not saying that there is a problem currently. I'm just saying that history has proven that when significantly increased load has been added on the Steem blockchain, the Steemit page has suffered.

That is all.

Again, I haven't said that I don't think it will work. I agree that the Steem blockchain will survive. I am, however, skeptical about the level of success and speed of recovery from any potential issues that may arise from such a significant increase in transactions.

Side-question, along the same lines as the context of your post here ... Is it possible to "Power Down" from these other wallets? Or the future mobile wallet that @andrarchy mentioned above?

Yes, of course it is. The steemit website is just an interface to the blockchain - you can use any other interface to interact with it to perform any functions, including wallet based ones.

I understand the concept of Steemit being connected to the Blockchain of Steem. I also understand how the back-end data is stored, at least from the SteemSQL side.

Where I fall short is with the various apps, because I (along with the majority of other non-developers) have no incentive to use additional APIs to connect to the Steem Blockchain outside of the Steemit webpage.

If Steemit failed, I would research and try to become more savvy with such an endeavor, however as there is no current need (or a foreseeable future need), I have not invested my time with researching alternatives to what is already woking. With that said, you have physically used and accessed a wallet other than on Steemit's webpage, which includes Power Down functionality?

P.S. I liked your video on how to code a Steem app for posting content within 9 minutes.

Here are just a few of the other services that are available to connect to the blockchain: (desktop wallet) (alternate front-end site, like (another different front-end) (another front-end)

Hope this helps :)

Steem=Hiccups, Ethereum=Heart Attack

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