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RE: Steemit Newbie FAQ - Netiquette: How To Avoid Being A Steem Douche?

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if you follow someone, try to really follow up and engage. Don't try to build numbers, instead, go for interactions, that's from where the power of the platform comes
and by that I mean
I learned it the hard way.
I screwed up big time on that one.
At one time I was following 1500 people.
And for why?
That was a very good question. Why was I following them?
I didn't know.
So I decided not to.
Then the purging began.
I'm following about forty now.
I know each and everyone of them on some leve.
they are US.
not THEM.
So Dragosroua is absolutely correct on this one.


I follow only people whose content I enjoy. Fortunately you are one of them..LOL!

It's tempting to run the numbers and assume the more people you follow, the better you'd be. More often than not, this is just wishful thinking: there's no time to meaningfully engage with so many people.

that's right...I discovered the very same thing. took me just four days to lose my way in a tangle of resteems and squawks in my feed...granted, there are many good places it's landed me...for instance here.

I do believe I'm going to have to sweep my broom...and soon. Excellent post...and thank you for setting me straight. This journey is the reward I've spent my life working towards. It begins...and ends with Steemit.

I have pictures to write...I've got no time to build bases. The platform is the foundation.

~may all hatred cease...let there be peace~

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