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A Digital Product STORE

Where Steemers can offer
for sale.




and possibly other types of digital creations
that they make
such as


Make it part of the Steemit Programming
A steemer would use his

at purchase
which would transfer the price
of the item from his SteemWallet

to the seller
the item could then
be used with the buyer's

(prevent's copying and reselling don't you know?)
but WAIT
There's MORE.
a certain percent of the purchase price
would go into

to help pay those who maintain the blockchain

and help keep the


everyone would benefit
in the

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It's a good idea except the last part with the reward pool contributions from the store.

That sounds like sales tax to me, and it's pointless given that the reward pool is alredy funded by the network, no need to put an extra tax on it.

now that is fantastic thinking, I am with you here, great ideas! I hope to see this incorperated soon and I have good feeling about it, and all to come here in the future with steemit. much love to you!!

Cool idea

A shop would be absolutely fantastic.

Hey there, not sure how relevant this is but came across something called #steemshop I think? or #steemshops perhaps both? anyway, they are doing a collective-consignment type shop but I guess it is more of a post-aggregation using hashtags as opposed to there being a dedicated UI for it.
Anyway, great post. Thanks for helping to get the discussions going by putting ideas out there!

thank you...
yeah I've seen them...they deal in physical goods.
I'm referring to pure digital

A great idea) I will resteem

re steem @everittdmickey!!!
Exchellent post!!

I've come back to Steemit again recently after being away for 7 months, with a renewed enthusiasm for all the potential that's here.

Participating in a Color Challenge instigated by @kalemandra has shown me that there is a talented community of photographers here, that I imagine would love to be able to generate additional Steemit by selling an ebook or video that features their imagery.

Because of the nature of social media, many artists give their digital work freely, as single images or sets ~ In order to market physical products or to 'brand' themselves or engage with people they hope will respond to their work.

Sadly, it becomes the 'norm' to not expect payment for sharing images at say Tumblr and Instagram etc. So sharing images/articles at Steemit is at least a step in the direction of being paid.

A designated store would be such a welcome next step for many. I've made marketing ebooks for a cryptocurrency company and had my own images included in an ebook that was exhibited in the Louvre, Paris, France, when the hard copy was released. And I feel a store like this, would really motivate me to publish my own ebook and from there, I feel other options and ideas would open out. Thanks so much for starting this discussion. 🙏 🌀 🙏

so you like my idea huh?
I can imagine (but have no idea how to make one) a "crypto" viewer, which uses your keys both to purchase and to view the material purchased...also preventing copying.
The devil is in the details...some or all of my idea might not work out.

These days you just have to have the idea, ride on the impulse, and the solution WILL be there ~ Somewhere ~ Somehow ~ Someone. 💫🌟💫

Great concept

Yes, I'd love purchase, bid, and offer tabs on my article page! I also would love to organize my stream of articles at the top of my blog into catigories! One click and viewer can see my paintings for sale or articles. Also I'd love a messaging system on my blog!

tell the devs what you want
pass it own

I'll track them down and have a chat. Thanks for putting this idea together❤️

I think that it would help us all
thank you.

Brilliant idea.

this would be a big hep indeed

It'll come. Don't worry. It's still early.

The sooner the better...don't ya think?

Sure, but I think that devs have more important job to do first. Security, sign ups, scaling... But I have no clue about this. Just my thoughts.

Endless potentials!

This is a cool idea.
I'm not sure about the practicalities of it, but the concept is good.
There has to be some sort of sales tax / clipping the ticket to pay for the development of it.
As I see it, it would be a separate entity on the blockchain. Possibly developed by someone other than

I also agree than now would be a good time to get things rolling on this while the market is small. If you build it to scale well, then it is much easier to start with something small and grow it, than try to build something big from scratch.

Having done both, I know which way works best - at least from a developer sanity standpoint :-)