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RE: Steemit Update [Sep 15th, 2022]: Community Curators for October - Applications Open

in #steem5 months ago

Hi @steemcurator01,

I noticed that you are offended by my comment which was nothing but constructive criticism and what I thought could help Steem. I don't need to justify my intentions becuase everyone here knows how sincerely I put my efforts in this platform all these years.

I might have been wrong but instead of giving me a convincing reply, you decided to ignore it and moreover didn't vote on my report. The latter I don't care but being a CR I think I deserved a reply atleast.

Thank you for considering me for the role of a country representative but I have decided to step down from this position. I request you to please remove your delegation. I prefer continuing as a normal blogger like before.

Thank you again for all the support. I just wish that you were a little more considerate.

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