A simple tuturial for a dockerize steem witness deployment

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Clone someguy123's tool

git clone https://github.com/steemfans/steem-docker-ex.git

Pull the latest docker image

docker pull ety001/steem-mira:0.23.1
docker tag ety001/steem-mira:0.23.1 steem:latest

Download the latest backup data

Visit here https://files.steem.fans/ to get the latest backup data (steem_witness_xxxx.tar.lz4).

Using a backup data will speed up your procress.

For the disk less space users, you could try the stream way to download and decompress backup data. Like this:
wget -c -qO- https://files.steem.fans/data/xxxxx.tar.lz4 | lz4 -d | tar x

Move the backup data

After downloaded, unarchive it. You will get a folder named blockchain.

Move it to the tools folder:

mv blockchain steem-docker-ex/data/witness_node_data_dir

Generate a witness sign key

docker run -it --rm steemit/steem:0.23.x-mira /usr/local/steemd/bin/get_dev_key STM your_random_str

Replace your_random_str by a strong random string.

Config the witness node

cd steem-docker-ex/data/witness_node_data_dir/
cp config.ini.example  config.ini

Add your sign key into the config.ini file.

witness  =  "ety001"
private-key = 5Kxxxxxx

Replace ety001 by your witness name and replace 5Kxxxxxx by your sign key.

Run your node

cd steem-docker-ex
./run.sh start

Display Log

./run.sh logs

Any Issue

If you have any issue, please join our discord for help.



I'm also a witness. Thank you for voting me.

One more thing


Here is a tuturial written in Chinese. It was written long time ago by me.
It is out of date.
Maybe it could give you some detailed information.


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Is there a guide for Full Node?

you can check my guide ;)

hi, thank you for the wonderful guide.

is there any way to decomporess the block.log lz4 file to sd card?
I have downloaded the lz4 file where there is no space to decompress it.

So, can i decompress the lz4 file to sd card (512G) directly? I tried to find but could not find one.

Hi, you could try the stream way to download and decompress the file like this:

wget -c -qO- https://files.steem.fans/data/xxxxx.tar.lz4 | lz4 -d | tar x

oh, thank you. I tried to decompress the file as follows:

$ sudo lz4 -d blocklog.tar.lz3 ~/steem-docker-ex/data/witness_node_dir/blockchain/block_log

It seems working. If not, I will try your suggestion. thanks.

thank you for your guide.
one more question.

I dd like this:
sudo lz4 -d blocklog-20210724.tar.lz4 ~/steem-docker-ex/data/witness_node_data_dir/blockchain/blocklog

the result is a file. I guess it should be a folder, right? can you help me?

lz4 is just a compress program. You also need unarchive the tar package after decompress.

You could see that I use pipe way to get the final folder.

My fault. I downloaded not steem_witness but blocklog file.
blocklog file is for seed node?

could you guide me here?

Here is my case:

the blocklog-20210724.tar.lz4 file in /media/ssd/

I want to untar this to /steem-docker-ex/data/witness_node_data_dir.

then how can I do ?

what I tried is this
sudo lz4 -d blocklog-20210724.tar.lz4 ~/steem-docker-ex/data/witness_node_data_dir/blockchain | tar x

but the result is not a folder but a file.

when I did ls -al
-rx... blockchain

Blocklog is the original block data. You have to replay blockchain state after downloading this file.

This file can be used for any type node.

thank you for the info.

today I download the steem_witness-20210806.tar.lz4 but when decompressing I got this error three times.

Decompressed : 162900 MB  Error 66 : Decompression error : ERROR_decompressionFailed
tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

I checked the downloaded file is complete. Does the file have errors?

Here is the related post.

If you are using the pipe way to download and decompress the file, I guess the stability of nework may affect this process.

Thank you for the guide.
I am trying to run a witness node on raspberry pi 4, but your docker image does not support arm64 arch. Do you have any images for arm64 or could you guide me how to do that? I am familiar with docker.

Useful guide here,

My witness is up and run.

You need to do witness update after that ...

You can use this tool : https://steemyy.com/witness-update/

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