Please read my warning message

in steem •  2 months ago
  • Don't ask me to exchange votes.
  • Don't ask me to sell votes to you.
  • Don't ask me to give you votes and tell you what to do.
  • Don't ask me to buy something for you out of the blue.
  • Don't offer me shitcoins and ask me to endorse your product.
  • Don't copy and paste random youtube comments in my comments section.
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this just gave me a great idea. I wil make a warning message for my wife. this will be point number 1:

  1. Don't ask me to buy something for you out of the blue.

Lol. Wife is ok. Strangers on the internet?? amazing

Oops 😳😳 well, em alread against all of them.just hate bugging

I think these warnings should be taught by steemit to everyone who joins the platform. Like the last point you mentioned made me laugh, why people do such ordinary and cheap things.

they definitely do not do it! I hope :)
do not be angry, calm down, dude :)
how are you today ?


Steem has pretty crazy users sometimes lol

People actually do those things? Hasn't happened to me yet. I only got the occasional "nice post" and bot comments announcing their silly money losing plans that would require our participation for THEM to succeed.


Haha this place can drive ppl insane sometimes

Shots fired ! :) I hope you don't have to flag them into oblivion.

I personally hate who want to beg for everything.

Read and Agree with your warning @etherpunk


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Strongly agreed!

Nice post peeps triggered ;p