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RE: “Steemit joining the Tron Ecosystem” - What it means

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I won't call myself a doomsdayer but this is going to end badly for anyone who bought into Steem... The value of Steem will increase simply because there is news about Steem in the mainstream space of Crypto but once the news dies off and Tron overtakes Steemit, Steems value will plummet.

Don't believe the big steem accounts that are shilling the idea that this will beneift STEEM holders, because the end result will definitely be the opposite.


One thing about it if you keep your Steem tokens you'll have ownership rights to both the Steem chain & the Tron chain tokens.

Like ETH & ETC. I would expect most the value to accrue to the Tron Steem token considering but it's going to be in the details of what Sun plans to do with Steem.

That depends on the vague “token swap” mention that is still to be clarified. The fear in me is that this is a hostile takeover...

We may well have to trade our Steem for “TronSteem.” If that’s the case and it’s not an airdrop based on a snapshot of the current blockchain, then Steem “classic” could be in trouble.

If Tron forced us to decide whether to keep our Steem or get “TronSteem,” then every person who chooses to move to Tron adds Steem into Tron’s control of the “classic” chain governance and I don’t trust Tron not to stack the witnesses and essentially gut our chain to force the move. Steemians would have to almost unanimously stand firm and not move to Tron to keep control of the chain.

People who want a Steem “classic” may then be forced to create a fork that copies the old chain, etc. Not at all impossible, but then that form of “classic” becomes a whole new token and we instantly lose all our exchanges, liquidity, and probably value.

The fact that everything so far speaks of swaps and migrating to Tron has me concerned. If it had been posed as developing some cross chain interoperability I’d be much more intrigued and less worried.

I agree, it must be a hostile takeover. If it was just a snapshot airdrop Justin could do that without the buy out. The HEX project just did that for Bitcoiners, allowing them to get free HEX if they wanted to claim with no strings attached.

If Justin simply wanted to attract the community, airdropping to us would have been enough. This has to be a strong-arm tactic to force a conversion of this community over to Tron. Decentralized-smentralized, one again a social app company is treating its userbase like chattel, no different from Facebook or Google.

There is no reason to trust Tron as a blockchain. Ever hear about the Pop Network controversy? They switched from Ethereum to Tron to create a streaming dapp and when Tron founders realized it would be competition to the Bittorrent token project suddenly Pop's token "disappeared" from Tronscan and Tron all together. Might as well call Tron the XiJinPing blockchain, that is what it really is.

What big Steem accounts are doing such?

I'm just saying, in general, don't believe the positive hype. Take the positivity with a big grain of salt.

I’d very much agree with that. I’d rather know the facts and face them head on.. and therefore I don’t sugar coat much.

Many projects will be paid to move to Tron, so you will see many prominent Steemians expressing their love of this change.. I guess knowing when to sell will be key 🤷‍♀️

Key point for selling: tronsteem goes live. Mark my words and you can pay me later.

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