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RE: AI Censorship And The Power Of 'Steem' To Preserve Truth

in #steem4 years ago

Steemit is becoming more and more popular nad we can see this in the price action the last few days. When you add the fact that weissratings rated Steemit the 5th best crypto there is, you can definitely conclude that it is getting hotter and hotter. People will flood in once they realize ethe benefits of this system.

The only thing we should do is to protect the values of the community.


I agree with you @ervinneb.

There should be some activity moving this thing higher in the near-future. We all know, compared to what else is out there, STEEM is under valued. The big thing, to me, is HF20....get the automated sign ups going and we will see the number of users explode.

Perhaps they are waiting until they introduce the communities before doing the fork. That would make sense.

Either way, all good stuff happening in the coming days for STEEM.