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RE: User Retention: This is Our Community

in #steem3 years ago

Hello and thanks for your insights. I was directed to your account through @schattenjaeger's mention of a discussion with you. You've got a new follower :)

In my opinion user retention is yet another symptom of two root causes / issues this platform has from the day one:

  • skewed power distrubution
  • content (in)visibility

Add these two together and you get new users not seeing any reason to stay.

How do you fix it? Hm... Power redistribution, better / more / niche user interfaces / front ends, ... Many things. None of them are on Steemit Inc.'s list, I am afraid.

So it's up to us to act. Or not. It is a decision and an investment on our part. Not everybody is able and willing to invest. Which is OK. It's what the life is.

Steem platform is a mirror of our society, I am afraid. It's not a utopia :(

Anyways, keep on pushing. Every voice counts, every support is valuable, every welcoming hello is appreciated.