The article that never got published! ..Merry Christmas 🎄 steemians I'm back!

in #steem3 years ago

For 2 months now I've been out of the crypto scene mostly because of an illness that befell me and also i kinda lost passion in writing for a while. I'm currently at home doing practically nothing and i was like why not write something you know....

I have truly missed alot. I left when bitcoin was at $2,400 and today it's at $15,000 and the true shocker was when i logged into my bitcoin wallet and found my meagre coins i had were now a fortune! I hope to convert them to steem and starting blogging again on matters altcoins.

Also i have noticed we now have like 2,000 altcoins and i left when we had like 900 or so and steem was at number 15 it's 35 or something. Hope to learn and teach more with time.