Steem Dollar is now at $1.0095

in steem •  2 years ago

Steem dollar for every he last few days has been trading below $1 and even dropped to $0.79 but now things are looking up and from here we can only look up.

Most exchange marketplaces SBD is traded with bitcoin and given the current price falls of bitcoin have greatly affected steem dollar and it's sister altcoin STEEM. SBD price is directly proportional to the price of bitcoin and tends to be 75% the price of STEEM.

My prediction is that steem will be at $1.50 by end of day Friday and by next week the market will start to bounce back with bitcoin going for $2550.

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I remember .07


LOL, so do I!

It was a pleasant surprise to see all the green @ coinmarketcap this afternoon, Just sorry I don't have the coin to invest heavy while it's down. It won't stay that way :-)

Surely everything will be corrected soon enough!

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