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People are basically much more intelligent than they think of themselves. If one doesn't think others are so smart, one may want to give them incentives and move them like figures on a game board, one believes this "mis-take". The echo chamber sends its greetings.

Steemit has no rules, so everyone has to regulate himself and do self-censorship and reflection, listen to his inner intelligence and follow the ethical code he knows well. Civilization has long internalized unwritten laws and there is no wild West that is not immediately recognized as such. Who then still succumbs to the seduction to conceal his inexperience in real life in the form of responsibility for other people and lets himself be blinded by the many hurrah's, is nevertheless brought to the ground of facts, because all are too clever to believe their own narcissism in the long run. It is a sign of collective intelligence to leave a space that shows a strong pull towards abuse and a lack of sense of justice. Why want to save what does not want to save itself? I'd rather recommend let go of the efforts and start to have another form of cooperation. Ignoring rewards. LOL.

Everyone pursues the interests and specialties to which he feels attached and which inspire him anyway. Incentives are - from my point of view - only a short-term means to distract from them, but will not last long and must be fanned again and again. Incentives and competitions are short-term compensators for something you're not really interested in but think you have to do because the reward is the cocaine you've become accustomed to.

It seems to be proven that collaboration and consensus are much more effective and leave a longer effect and clear memory traces in people's lives, while short-term rewards are like shoes: you find them beautiful for a few days, but want to have new ones soon.

I read that your appeal is half funny and half serious. A little test balloon? Happy to see that you take it easy.


Incentives and competitions are short-term compensators for something you're not really interested in but think you have to do because the reward is the cocaine you've become accustomed to.

For some, incentives and competition are the only reason why they pursue their interest in excess though, but I guess there's always a small subset of people who's rather different from the rest.

And of course, I think the best is a healthy mix of collaboration.

It's not a test balloon btw :P

Came back to read your proposal again.

I want to challenge your idea. What if you think that "innovation" means that something is not yet present, it's not on the Internet, because it's so unusual that nobody talks about it? You suggest that topics that are already trendy are discussed. That is basically an adjustment to the already dominant situation. However, the majority is not representative of dissent. Your idea seems to be based on the mainstream, while I suggest looking at side streams/no streams. ;-)

As far as you consider Steemit, for example, as a space in which to thematize what is already being thematized, outside and inside, the same thoughts are rolled over and over again in different intensities, colors, and forms. Yet they are the same thoughts. I have now deliberately exaggerated to make my point.

After your procedure, I think, no theme would ever manage to achieve a lively participation that is not already sailing on the upwind. If you try to look at the search engine the other way round, what do you see?

I see that a search engine can only be used for what is already there. But it is completely useless to want to find something that is not yet there. Any knowledge excludes "not knowing" in this way. Someone then has to put something in from outside for it to gain digital visibility. Wikipedia tries to meet that "issue".

Unknown/innovative things always come about through marginal topics, never thought of before. Or so buried in the past that it fell into oblivion.

For me your thought looks like an algorithm similar to amazon or youtube algo, after products and topics are suggested to me based on my preference. I basically like that. However, I like to be irritated by ideas that I don't yet know exactly how to assess, that have an experimental character.

Question: how do you want to code intelligence into the blockchain? I didn't understand that.

In fact, I would suggest reducing the attention of contributions to digital space, bouncing posts off a wall that orientate themselves in tonality, taste, and presentation to what already exists. I don't exclude myself. I suppose my own postings, when it comes up, are mostly ordinary up to a little off track. If I choose the pearls from my blog history, perhaps a very small number would come about. .... Which brings me to the thought that the past postings come much too short. ... I'd be interested to know if there's anything you could do with this.

So we seem to understand each other in the basic idea, since I suspect what you mean by "the best of the best" also corresponds to what I consider to be something good. However, I'm assuming that any publishing of content is basically pointless if it's a means and an end at the same time. Like beating time.

In my view, the best content creators are the Buddhist monks who give weekly lectures to a small audience. Rarely have I felt so inspired. In fact, a Buddhist monk would never take part in such a competition. LOL :D

It's probably as you say. I'd rather see people less continuously following external incentives, but more exploring their own potentials and doing contemplative research that gradually blossoms these long-term potentials. I find a lot of inspiration in research. When I was still working in the media scene, I received a financial bonus because I had managed to retain our client for another year. I would have done the same without this bonus. So the extra money was a very nice side effect for me, but it wouldn't have affected me much if I had been told beforehand that I would get more money. And although I have always thought that PR and advertising are basically a rather annoying invention, I learned a lot in this profession and was able to express my creativity relatively unhindered. I had a lot of fun and got to know people who had various interesting professions. It was a beguiling and challenging time.

... Anyway, I wish the people that they experience drive, inspiration and joy out of themselves, without becoming too dependent and then unhappy... you surely understand what I mean...?

No test balloon? Then I have to read the blog again.

I'm impressed with your comments.

I very much enjoy that you have drawn out the fact that truly new concepts will not be found via a Google search if the idea is in fact a seed.

Researching other approaches is certainly a vital move; if only to get creative wheels oiled, or identify errors in other blueprints (learning competitors weak places, or to solve and prevent the same shortfall for steem).

You make an excellent point about your personal experience receiving a financial bonus in a workplace; quality and driven persons want to achieve- it's a human syndrome, but that inventive is still effective. Another human syndrome is our need for reward. If you were given the option to do the same job, same environment, nothing any different except that you know that option B NEVER rewards bonuses, would you be ridiculous enough to depart from option A? No.

Humans feed (figurative and literal) on reward. It's true that reward manifests in many shapes, not solely monetary. But I consider and have always considered myself a writer. I love to write. I live to write. I often write random words simply because I thirst for the feeling of a perfect pen sliding across paper or that musical sound of a keyboard tapping. I don't NEED the financial reward to write but what I WANT is that financial inspiration.

I will always write- money or not but would I go elsewhere if steem's measly few cents didn't excite me? Yes. Well- actually I am very impressed with the community here so there's also that.

As a person who honestly considers themself a writer, and has made that my only real life goal since the age of seven, I do want to make bank. It's a writer's dream. Granted, I've not put much effort into obtaining financial sustainability through my written work (with the exception of business writing for marketing and advertising), I can admit that I've never quite found the right medium that suited.

I write poetry; poets don't make money. At this time in my life, I don't want to be a novelist. Magazine writing would have been nice but... perhaps with too much restriction. Journalism would be fun to dabble in only. Nothing quite fit me so I simply continued on my wandering journey, sticking my toes in the lakes and springs to find the perfectly temperatured water to jump into.

I'm still not sure if steem is the perfect waters for me to springboard from but I can say that the entire concept has kept me attentive, motivated and inspired more than I've felt. Like many other Steemians, I see the grand potential here. I'm not making a living on steem but it's certainly doing something to keep me around- be it measly .50 cents a post- it works!

If another site comes along and improves on the steemit concepts, I'm gone. I'll cross post but my loyalties will shift. This is common sense.

Even though this primary blog post is taged as a joke, the final point is that improvement is key. If we don't solve the problem then someone else is going to come along and use steemit and the blockchain as an excellent benchmark.

Once upon a time... long long time ago... in a land far far away... there was only McDonald's. Once upon a time.

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Thank you, I'm pleased about this surprising comment. I have reduced my activity here a lot lately.

Are you sure that inspiration comes from the fact that the water is pleasantly tempered? I would like to ask you about your experiences, when and on what concrete occasion you were inspired, or what states of aggregation it was that, for example, brought a poem out of you that you would, without hesitation, have offered to a world-class publisher, or that you would read on the public street by yourself (or someone who dares)?

If you compare your work with poets who mean something to you or impress you, do you see yourself next to them as equal or close?

I haven't looked at your blog yet.

I've been trying to write fiction for a while and have a finished and a started book at home. When I stuck my nose in the Writers Block at the beginning of my time on Steemit, I was made aware that it would rain hard criticism, which, however, was meant to be that one could absolutely improve oneself and the criticism of the others - who, as far as I know, had their own publishing and authoring experience - would be very helpful. I realized that if I meant it seriously, I would have had to put far more energy, time and ambition into it. I didn't, so I decided I was a hobby writer.

I'm not sure if the question was addressed to me where you ask if if you had the opportunity to do the same job, the same environment, and not do anything different except know that Option B never pays bonuses, would you be silly enough to deviate from Option A?

It's a hypothetical question that I can't answer without a concrete real context. But I think the likelihood of getting a bonus increases if I don't claim it, but still stick to my quality claim of work that satisfies me the most. If I then meet the goodwill of the others who agree, I can consider myself fortunate. If not, my well-being does not depend on it.

Of course, I could try to contract a bonus from the outset. I already did something like that when I started a job and after a six-month probationary period I secured a salary increase. I could also have tried to secure a share of the profits. Nobody forbids you to negotiate. When I was younger, I negotiated from an employer that he should pay me Christmas bonus, just like all other employees, although I had already resigned. We argued for a while because he said that Christmas bonus was an incentive to do a good job next year, while I thought it would be paid for work already done. I was wrong. My boss at the time paid me a share anyway.

Today I am no longer so determined about bonuses, it doesn't mean as much to me as it did back then. As always, it depends on the concept of life, the age, the experiences made and the present context. Things change all the time. When I think it's time to demand something, I do. If not, I leave it. It also can change within a day or a context. Once my ambition is aroused, I can be determined. Then comes a time, when I am not. Many things I thought were so important weren't so important, after all. In the recent months I wrote more for my hard drive than to the public space. It failed to get through my own quality control :)

Good bye from Germany.

Good morning (here) @erh.germany. Browsing this morning, this caught my eye ...

"I have reduced my activity here a lot lately."

... as I am in the "same boat." While you and I have not engaged that frequently, I am familiar with your account name. And have been impressed in the past with the thoughtful manner in which you write.

So ... If not prying too much, I'd be curious and interested to know why you activity "in here" has been reduced.

Good evening, @roleerob:)

I'm surprised to get one or two comments after all. Have we had direct contact yet? Your name also looks familiar to me and I saw you before.

It's difficult to explain why I'm reducing my activity here. ... Surely it has something to do with the fact that so many people went away and I was a little spoiled with my comment area.

Maybe I have also offended/neglected one or the other, this can also be the case, so that it seems to me subjectively that my readership - old and new - has thinned out very much.

I would have had to muster far more energy to search for people who would visit my blog, as I did at the beginning of my time. I think a second approach, so committed, seems to me too much effort for a platform that seems to be "dying". But I can also be mistaken.

... But I feel like I've gone through many ups and downs with Steemit, which I find unusual in itself, because it's kind of strange to care so much about a place that has problems that don't have to be problematic ... well, kind of confusing that whole thing ... .

However, and this has always bothered me, the short attention span of seven days, as well as the impossibility of being commented on by guest users, is a killer in my eyes. As long as Steemit was actively practiced by its own participants, it wasn't quite as relevant, but now that it's becoming empty, it's extremely noticeable.

At some distance I consider it strangely focused - even by myself - to blog in an environment that is going through such negative spirals. I was getting afraid for my reputation and haven't asked for a while any of my acquaintances to come here. The conflicts were so expansive that I got involved, but a few days after being cooled down I wondered why this involvement ...

Steemit can - if you want to look at it this way - have almost a therapeutic effect on you because of this high conflict potential, if you consider how committed it sometimes was. In a way this is a little frightening, but also fascinating. But it is difficult to find the right balance between distance and closeness here.

I'm not sure whether an explanation can ever really be final and you should never say "never". But I do notice that I am now turning to other things and a little bit loses the addiction to look in every hour. I always have phases of very intensive involvement with special activities of mine and then they ebb away again until new ones come.

How is it with you? Do you have similar thoughts and experiences? I'd say it was (or is ...) one of the most exciting social media experiences I've ever had.


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