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RE: The SBD:STEEM debt and payouts

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Looks like you got the 2%- 5% figure already. I have an old post that chases this code, and the short answer is that it will print again when the market cap condition is reversed. In other words, it's purely a function of SBD supply to steem marketcap, as determined by the witness price feed.

I put that last bit on italics because the witnesses can adjust a bias to allow SBD to continue printing if they so chose.

Here's my latest quick post about the matter with a link to my older post that has the walkthrough:


Thanks :)
It is over 4% now, any idea of the hold up or is it just the speed at which it happened?

In case you're interested in breaking down the math involved, after talking to @eonwarped, I wrote this detailed post breaking the whole situation down.

Thank you very much, I will have a read in the morning :)

probably has something to do w/the 3.5 day lag

Already 4%? Oh yikes... Yeah that price feed is slowly crawling down. Last I checked it was still 1.90 to the current market value of 1.5 (since price feed uses 3.5 day average). Or is your 4% figure based on current marketcap?

I took it from current cap as I worked under that assumption. I had to piece this together from scraps. :D I heard 2 but couldn't find where that was.

Oooh one other thing: Just wanted to re-emphasize that the relevant metric is is SBD supply (not market-cap) compared to STEEM market cap.

Was talking to @geekornered about this recently and that is a common mistake when computing as well.

I assume this is why it is only starting to kick in now.

Ah yeah, then this is bad news as the feed price continues to go down, so it will go towards 4% if we don't see a quick turnaround.