The Baby We Helped Is HOME :)

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Extremely happy for my DTube community. This is definitely an indicator how everything is changing for the better... 1 year ago when I tried to hold charity contest it was way too harder since the trust was low...

Luckily, that factor is changing now & since we represent the transparent blockchain I feel trust is important component to maintain between all of us - Steemians with strong intentions who know what they want :)

Alignment is the key, helping the baby to heal its just a bonus but the things we can do together, as time passes - are pretty much unimaginable, but imaginable on the other hand :)

Thank you to everyone who contributed in any kind of way, especially to:



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This is great news brother, sending them huge amounts of healing energy xxx

Oh man didn't know about that.So glad the baby is better.That shows that Steem is not only a platform to make money,but a family.
Best post iv seen all day :)
#dtubefam #steemfam


True! STEEM has no boundaries..

Ohhh gosh that is so amazing. Congrats for doing such an amazing job to help with this situation ❤️😍


Thanks for the kindness... It is amazing what we can do when focused :)

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That is so true. 😉

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There's no such place as home for Baby Laine :)


You got that right sir. Home always feels amazing :(

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Bless Ya Man! 😎👊

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Blessings to you as well bro!

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Thank God she's finally home :)


Agreed :) thanks for the support!

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