Steem Pruner - quick way to remove posts from Steem, the censored blockchain

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As many of us successfully switched to Hive, a new, better version of the social blockchain, it is crucial to remove our content from Steem. There are multiple reasons why would you like to do that and why you really need to do that.

Steem is now centralized and censored. Witnesses who care about basic principles resigned from their positions and are moving to Hive. Some of them stayed to let people move smoothly during the next few weeks but basically the Steem blockchain is not safe anymore. There is only one single entity running almost the entire infrastructure. And it's led by a man who doesn't care about the network or its users. He lies every day and he is trying to trick people to exit scam. He already used custodial funds from exchanges like Binance and Poloniex to take over the blockchain government. This is why the community created Hive. Steem gonna die. Long live Hive!

To help the Hive community, I've created a simple application that will do it for you.

Steem pruner


The idea of the application is very simple. You can type your username and it will gather all your posts. Then, using Steem Keychain, it iterates through every post and changes its body.

Of course, due to blockchain principles, you cannot really remove your articles from Steem. All you can do is to update its latest version. But it is enough because only latest version is visible on frontends by default. And this is a message to those who don't know what's happening on chain.

Option 1: Insert link to Hive post

If you care about your content and readers, the best way to handle this situation is to point them to your articles on the better chain, Hive. Using this option, post body will be replaced with a simple sentence encouraging reader to visit a post on Hive.

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The post title will remain the same. It will only change its body.

Option 2: I want to fuck Justin Sun

You can select this special option if you want to send a message to our beloved commander, Justin Sun.

This one will change the title of every post to "Moving to hive" and insert a message for him. Choose wisely.

Steem Keychain

Extremely import is to make sure you have Steem Keychain configured correctly. You need to use to interact with Steem. Please be careful. Check your Preferences before using Steem Pruner. It must looks like this:

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By default, Steem Keychain will ask you for permission to update the post. You can check how it works with just a single article.

If you want to prune all of your articles, you can select "Do not prompt again to send post transactions [...]". It will then automatically prune your posts one by one.

Just keep the browser tab open and it will all the job. At least if you have enough Resource Credits to do that. But don't worry, you can continue pruning at any moment.

Use Steem Pruner and remove your posts from the censored blockchain.


View this post on Hive: Steem Pruner - quick way to remove posts from Steem, the censored blockchain

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