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I had wanted to write about the things I have seen recently, in real life. But amidst all the events that happened in real life lately, I felt a bit emotionally drained. That's right, you are seeing more passive voice and adverbs being used in my post today.

I needed more time to organize my thoughts and stuff.

By this point, this is no reason for me to compose another post on this chain.

I will see you all on Hive. Hopefully tomorrow. But, definitely when everything is stable and secure.

It has been an interesting experience. I've interacted with a lot of people here. Thank you for introducing me to this weird place, @someguy123.

Take care.


I hear you. I have been just kind of laying low lately too. The CDC actually has a section on their web page that deal with the anxiety and stress that situations like this can cause. The one bright spot is the excitement that is HIVE launching.

Yeah, I work in healthcare, so the stress is magnified.

We'll see how the launch goes in about an hour.

Oh, dang, good luck with that. I am in education so things are pretty empty now. Lot's of chance to be exposed before the social distancing though.

Whatever happens happens.

I picked a really good time to check back in.

Yeah, things have been crazy.

The good news is, you'd already have an account then when the hard fork happens in like 12 hours.

I've finally just found my way to I literally saw the time 12:34:56 until launch, so that's a good omen.

Hopefully I'm able to get the new keys, and the rewards I just claimed are counted in my hive stake :)

The keys should be the same as here by default.

You can change them later.

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