Two years on STEEM network (+ steem account giveaway)

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734 days since I've created my account

5435 posts are sent. Gained -mostly inactive- 4868 followers. Produced 12248 and counting blocks as a backup witness so far.

Lots of projects, friendship, fun, hate, and love. Time flies.

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Thank you !BEER

Hey @emrebeyler, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

What a great idea!
I know someone that could use this. Forwarding now.

Happy Anniversary mate. You should so a post highlighting all your achievements on here. Heres to the next two years!
Best wishes :-)

Congrats on accomplishments!

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Congratulations! :) Already voting for you.

Two years - I'd give you a cake but that's difficult this way so you get a !COFFEEA