Small update to downvote explorer

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Screenshot 2019-10-10 at 18.59.05.png

Just pushed a small update to which limits the post age to 1 day as default. (Suggested by transisto)

The list wasn't moving much since it was listing all active posts. That way it's better to explore what's happening with downvotes.

If you want to switch to 7 days limit, just click the link to switch in the footer. This link toggles the max_post_age parameter.

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Great tool, my #1 choice currently to spend some of my DV mana :)
What's the 2nd left column, the number after the avatar?
I found replies in the list for the first time now - did you add those, or I did I just not notice them before?

Replies were not there in the first version, then I’ve added it for like 1-2 weeks ago.

2nd left column is the flag_weight column stored at hivemind. Source code includes some kind of normalization for negative rshares, on mobile atm so cant refer the exact line but pretty sure you can find it. :)

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This is true for the first page ordered by flag weight, not necessarily the later pages or for different orderings.

Any ETA on a repo? Would like to see how that works as a sort of template for the SFR site. I was thinking going with Flask or Django but probably more leaning towards Flask and this would help me for a basis.

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Woohoo, I made today's list! Thank you @ranchohaejin for caring enough to downvote me onto this list. Hugs and kisses big fella ;)