Run Steemit on your computer

in steem •  9 months ago

We centralize the system by using That results with the phishing attacks. Don't be a part of centralization by using

  • Install Condenser to your computer
  • Change something unique with the design
  • Don't enter any type of key to Steemit that doesn't include that unique word.

Here is how my local Steemit looks like:local instead of beta

Thank me later.

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Woah, this is awesome, just yesterday when seemingly the entire blockchain was slow, I found an interface that just wasn't. I wondered if it was because nearly all of these interfaces use the same nodes - this is also a solution to that problem.

Everytime I got like wow, why no-one thought/told me about it before. I'd rather busy (w/o benefs for sure.) and I'll definitely get rid of prices panel.


Yeah you can do the same with Busy, however I find steemit interface more practical.

Interesting, it seems like you would give up any developments the steemit team makes but can you just update to new versions?

Also would the apps build on top of steem still work? Though I guess at that point you are still giving away your keys to SteemConnect or something like that.


I think, SteemConnect is not %100 safe. It's using centralized system.


Well, I try to cut my dependency to third party apps. Got rid of most of them, will do %100 in the future.

By default you will be connected to's public steem node at wss://

This cannot be right? :)
But it is copied from the github readme

Now we moved from a centralised Plattform to a centralised node :)

Next step would be nodes for everyone.
Real decentralization.

😮 wow . Could you suggest something to learn how to use it or a tutrorial ?


Readme file has installation instructions. :) not really end user friendly, though.


😇 ı hope ı can manage it.

Thank you @emrebeyler, very interesting!
I just discovered that using you can get prizes: what do you think about?