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Encountered block num collision at block 41812326 due to a fork, witnesses are: [["*","2020-03-20T08:38:03"],["*","2020-03-20T08:38:03"]]

So this is what do we see in steemd logs for a while. A fresh top20 consensus witness, thanks to the @justinsunsteemit, started double producing. Seems like they even don't know how to produce blocks properly. Here is a good post about double producing.

I wonder what happens to the blockchain once the competent witnesses are totally gone and all the blockchain has this kind of witnesses don't even know what they're doing.


I'm getting something similar also

348413ms database.cpp:803   _maybe_warn_multiple ] Encountered block num collision at block 41812880 due to a fork, witnesses are: [["zzan.witnesses","2020-03-20T09:05:48"],["zzan.witnesses","2020-03-20T09:05:48"]]


Sadly this is disabled or else someone could take their entire stake

I was rather hoping that the witnesses involved in Hive would be simply 'switching off' their Steem witness nodes after we transfer over today. Is that not the case?
Hope you're well fella:-)

It's technically possible to run on two chains. It's up to witnesses. :)

and doing great! how are you mate?

They've got 2 machines running the same key so each time it is brought time for it to produce it's scheduled block both servers try and sign the block..

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