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Just like some other cryptocurrencies steem is another cryptocurrency that still lives with the hope that it's value will greatly appreciate with time, this is because of a few projects that will be realized this year according to the 2018 ROADMAP, but some people still do not seem to believe that steem will really appreciate in value to a attain a very good prize before this year runs out

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@ned scott the CEO on steemit Inc. once replied to a comment on a post stating out some of the steem projects that we should have in mind which is to be realized this year and it includes:

  • HF20 (Resource credit system)
  • SMTs
  • SMT oracles
  • Scalability


From some of the post I have read on @steemitblog, I've gotten some information that the team is currently working on scalabilty, and before this year runs out I think most of these projects @ned mentioned in the screenshot shown above which is also included in the 2018 roadmap will be completed, or MAYBE the projects have already been completed and the team is waiting for bull run signal so that they can integrate the projects in order to kick start a good pump on the price and this can peg the price steem at a good price level and when these projects have a large number people in participation, then greenlight from this projects could shine to the moon.

One of the factors that makes the price of some cryptocurrencies to appreciate greatly in value is because of some project which has been completed and has also taken effect (launced), but the core factors that adds value to the price of any cryptocurrency is:

  • A larger number of people in participation and
  • A larger number of whale investors

We have 5 months from this period before this year runs out and that mean we still have 155 days before this year completely runs out.
Is 155days enough time to complete this projects?
I will say yes if these projects have already begun and if the team have made good progress towards completing that already, then 155 days will be enough time to launch these projects


  • STEEM is also a true blockchain cyrptocurrency
  • Speed and efficiency of trasactions
  • Money Transactions can me done for free
  • steem is a very unique cryptocurrency in the sense that anyone can own steem by using steemit for free and this steem can be earned from the rewards generated and distributed from the reward pool of steemit which is encoded into the the logic of the steem blockchain. People can receive the steem rewards as they partake in receiving upvotes from steempower investors.
  • A high number of participants, (currently we have above 1 million steemit accounts)
  • (Afordability) Paying to create a steemit account is cheap. ( you can pay using @anonsteem and blocktrades etc.)
  • steemit is rated on as the cryptocurrency website with the highest traffic in a day.
  • SMTs and SMT oracles is one of steem's project which has the possibilities of great and positive impacts.
  • The ability for a new user anywhere in the world to start a blog with no money and immediately rank posts high in Google combined with the potential to earn money directly from upvotes makes Steem 10 times better than WordPress, Blogger, Medium, or any other blogging platform I have used. Within 3 to 5 years, I think Steem will become the #1 blogging platform in the world as active bloggers will continue to change our blogs completely to Steem. On top of this built in ability to blog.
  • Any developer can easily add new apps to the blockchain to expand functionality such as video hosting with @dtube and @dlive.
  • What makes Steem a perfect investment is it's ability to earn more Steem just by holding it in Steem Power and participating in the steemit community. Upvoting posts earns curation rewards. Making a post allows us to upvote our own posts.
  • Steem Power earns 2% interest. We can even use websites like or to loan out Steem Power for the easiest return. The best possible return comes from making our own posts and upvoting them which then can bring in a lot of additional readers if we are holding 50,000+ Steem Power by being an active author.
    An investor buying millions of dollars in Steem could expect to earn thousands of dollars every week when combining upvoting, posting, and interest! Combine that with a price increase and the return is huge!

Read the papers updated August 2017
Steem white paper updated August 2017

Official Steemit blog
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Yea, we all are anticipating the bull run to commence because the bearish period has been on for too long and this has raised a lot of concern as to whether steem price will eventually hit the moon before the year runs out.

I in person believe STEEM has less draw back risk on the average than Tether at now, since it's a redistributed system, with semipermanent consumers supporting the worth for a future move higher.

Wow Useful information here. The charity works being carried on the platform will help spread the news of steem the more but these can be possible if whales can be generous enough to help small accounts to grow because if we focus only on bringing people to the platform without a good plan to sustain them on the platform. They would be frustrated on the platform and even become a source of discouraging others from joining the platform.

Of recent I felt discouraged because most of the post i made this week that ended were only reading in cents. Some how God touched @jesse12 who visited my blog and showed some kindness through his upvotes

Good analysis, it feels good to know that steem still has potentials to succeed amidst the challenges

It gives me joy man to read your every post to the end, i strongly believe steem will appreciate it value as time goes on and if i can predict the future i will say steem users within the next 1year will increase by 100% because of the way people are developing interest in cryptocurrency because of steemit, we are really moving forward

Good news in advance bro @empato365. Finally, some projects have been placed on ground to boost the uprising of steem. Many have actually lost faith that STEEM will rise and because of that gave up on what they loved doing.

@ned Scott, I'd really doing great with the Steem program and others his run-in.

Awesome analysis. No one should lose hope on steem.. It would eventually moon.. It has great potentials.

Great information

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