5 months on Steemit: My highest payout so far

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Yes. Still in the mood of my 5 months on Steemit, I am about to share with you the story behind my highest payout so far.

Having been told about steemit, I set out to understand how the system really works so that I can bring in more people into the platform.. That led me into starting the movement of #steemvangelism.

I was in the nysc orientation camp serving my nation but I took it upon myself to bring the gospel of steemit to the over 2,000 youths.

With sbd going for N2,000 at that time, I did a post on the power 1 sbd to the Nigerian youth.

The post got the required exposure and wham.. 169$!!! I was like wow!! Can steemit be this sweet! Hehe

I have gotten other 50+$ payouts but the 169$ is the highest I've gotten. I am looking forward to a $500 payout!!

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