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I have done some research on STEEM and it's technology and estimate, that STEEM should be stable at around 4.16 USD and SBD should be closely pegged to USD.

If anybody is interested in how I came to this conclusion, feel free to ask.



If you earn $1 on this platform, it is eqv to 1 SBD (which is volatile and can be any price but is around $5 at the moment)

and you know how ?

The prices of cryptocurrencies are dictated by people's mentalities. If it says it's pegged to the USD, it will drop to 1 USD. The only thing to prevent that from happening are whales with whatever motive they may have.

I suppose that is a point, the whales have alot of say I guess

On the other hand, many whales are selling out of STEEM so we might see more decentralization soon