EXODE: Let's talk about features!

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Hello world!

EXODE's website is launching soon (this end of month) but the game is still a mystery to many readers.

Many questions were forwarded by several players ( @adityajainxds contributed a lot of them, and then @jager567 , @free-reign , @adal111 , @muru, @gerber , ..) and I thank them for that.

Today I updated the wiki and will share the answer to the first five questions I had.

EXODE is a Space Colonization game to be released on the HIVE blockchain.

As a reminder, you have a game concepts video here.
And also a wiki here.

1. How to play the game?

To play the game you need your usual browser. (or game client)

You also need to select one Origin card. Origin cards are thematic background for your character and gives you a ship and crew. You could for instance be a Navy Officer, a Rebel Fighter, a Wealthy Benefactor... giving you related ship and resources.

Some eXode Origins.
From left to right: Utopian Thinker, Navy Lieutenant, Wealthy Benefactor, and 'badass' Selfmade Savior.

You can see here how to acquire Origins. At least 6 Origins will be available in Alpha, and some superior versions can also be unlocked as Legacy Rewards.

There is also lot more to reveal regarding play: what happens when you begin a new game, what cards you need, what you can use, what gameplay there is.

All of it to be revealed on this wiki page.

In eXode, players can settle and manage their colony, giving orders to their citizens.

2. What are the benefits of playing the game, in monetary terms?

Playing rewards you with Citizens, Resources and Planets, which you can sell.

And other rewards such as: mission rewards, season rewards, which you can sell.

In addition, you can sell ship parts and ship modules that you design. You can even design resources such as a new fuel, which can only be produced on your planet, and sell it also.

At the end of a game, you also receive Legacy Rewards which are specifically related to how long your survived and which Origin you played. This could even unlock legendary Origins. You can sell them too.

The value of cards and purchased packs are guaranteed thanks to two separate markets: one for colony supplies where players buy and sell everything they produce, and another market for launch assets (Origins, ships, crew etc), which can only be purchased (and resold) from packs and boosters. Players understand that way that these two are just not the same things.

3. Can we do trading in this game?


A market is being developed already.

In the beginning you will be able to trade packs you purchased. We aim to increase their price over time (doubling it) and then stop selling alpha packs.

After that, you will be able to see individual cards and supplies.

The market will be one of the first features to be released, I hope in the next 10 days or so.

4. Is the game connected to Steem Engine for token transfer and purchase?

A token has already been declared on Steem Engine.
It will be used once the game becomes playable.

5. What token do we get in the game as monetary value?

In addition to the rewards above, the first token to be released to Steem Engine is eXode Fuel. (EXOFUEL)

eXode Fuel can be used ingame ("burnt") or produced ingame from your colony and your missions. It is used to fuel starships during space travel.

I can't confirm other tokens just yet, as all tokens require deep thinking and balancing.

I will reply to all other questions in a next post!
Keep tuned and thank you for your support!


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Really looking forward for it.😊

Hive stole your thunder

It did! :D

Thank you for reblogging and thank you for reblogging HIVE too.

EXODE is moving to HIVE too, joining all the good guys and good apps I know, and who contributed so great service to STEEM so far.

I also made an announcement here to make it official: EXODE will work exclusively on the HIVE blockchain and will only accept HIVE as blockchain-payment for its packs.

You’re welcome. Thanks for the clarifications.