Leaving Steem

in #steemlast year

It hurts me to say, but i am saying goodbye to steem. And not for a belate bitcoin pizza day


After being part of the steem community for more then three years, with all its ups and downs, and supporting new initiatives, watching new projects grow, mature or fail. It was a nice time

And honest as i am, i was initially quite happy with the steem acquisition of Justin Sun and his TRX Team/project,

This is because i remember from TRX ICO days reading about the vision he had for the trx project, and building a true decentralized eco system. I supported that and i also thought that a good blog was one of the building stones that would be needed to reach this vision ... So buying steem, seemed a logical step in that process ... boy, how wrong was i.

Now i have some questions to answer to myself, about the true nature of a decentralized world, and how decentralized can a project be, when theres a very visible person at the top.

Therefore i decided to abandon my steem and page ... i hope the @splinterlands transfer will go good as plannedt


What are you going to do with your splinterlands / steem monster cards? I'd love to get them from you and give them a good home ☺️ I'm constantly playing the game. I hope you get this message 👋😣👍🏻