May 20th, 2017 is a special day for cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin & Steem! Let's Snowball

in steem •  2 years ago  (edited)

Bitcoin Price Passes 2000$,
Ethereum all-time high with almost 130$
Steem back to August 2016 value 1,21$, looking great so far,

Total Market Capitalization in Apr. 2017: around 30 000 000 000 $
Total Market Capitalization in Today: around 68 794 200 000 $ (+38 B$)

What happening right now to cryptocurrencies is just crazy!
Is it the network effect from India, Japan, China, etc. ?

More than ever, we should definitely try to be liable for Steem value (as actor, stake/share-holders, users of the Steem Blockchain) and try to act for the platform as fair as it's required for our ecosystem to stay sustainable and help it to keep growing like it does.


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Hahaha, this is so awesome to view your post today, @ekitcho. Now $2700 is considered as a "low" value of BTC. Thanks for sharing btw. I have just started following you! You are more than welcomed to check out mine as well ;)

ETH >400$

Be careful when prices are going parabolic, it can turn quickly and then everyone wants to get out. Look at previous price bubbles from BTC. On the longer term I'm very bullish on BTC ETH and Steem, cant wait to get back in on lower prices.

I made some shirts to celebrate the high times :-D