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I have come to love the Blockchain space so much because there are some very fancy words that are used and it make me feel serious when I hear them or have to use them. These words are what forms the day to day running of the ecosystem, and having to get the right processes and procedures, means the right words and practices must be used.

What is a Fork in Blockchain world?

In Blockchain world, there are two types of Forks, the Hard and the Soft and they are both very important aspect of the existence of the ecosystem.
HardFork:- I don't want to go on using the famously known quotes about these forks because, it may confuse some persons out there so lets try and explain it in a dummy's term. To get a comprehensive definition and the processes, click HardFork. This is said to be a radical change that is effected to an existing protocol in a bid to make invalid transactions valid and vice versa. It is a process created to bring some vital updates to the system.
SoftFork:- Softfork is a change to the software protocol that allows for previously valid transactions to be become invalid. To read morre and see the entire process, click Softfork.

I Feel Blessed!

Blockchain has been useful?

I think the beauty with the Blockchain as I have come to see and know it (not expertly though), is its ability to help us learn the important values to life and also following through with a "change the process mindset." If not for this technology, millions (myself included) will still be tied to a mindset of centralized processes and procedures, with a complete lack of understanding of how possible it can be to have and truly embrace the digital cash and it's ecosystem.
The process of having a currency completely free from inflation and corruption is really laughable but, with the last couple of months going the way it has gone (the constant dips) and the news that has been made in different sectors of the economy (cryptocurrency is a scam), I am able to understand that, there is nothing impossible when it comes to making things work from a decentralized point of view.

You should Fork it.., your life.image.png

Source-Decide which it will be.
That being said, there is a need to look around and into yourself and be ready to say to yourself that, you can fork your system to either accept or reject valid and invalid transactions. There is so much weight of baggage that we hold within ourselves that society makes us believe we can never let go of. You can take a break in a while or forever only if you know when to drop the baggage and move on.
I have been putting the "FORK IT" practice into play in my life and have also been able to see the advantages and disadvantages of doing that. It is simple actually and you should try it; you may like it or not and since no one has the responsibility over your life but you yourself, you can decide to Fork it and wait to see how your new nodes will run and fare in this ever changing economy.
I think I can make bold to say.., "whenever your processes are not going like you wished they should, just FORK your life and see how the nodes will run after that exercise."
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In simpler terms... Drop the old and see what the new brings... #Fork it.

Nice message there boss. Sometimes you just have to get rid of the old and try the new... Or maybe integrate them both and see how it goes...


Just Fork it and see how it goes. It's either gonna go right or wrong and in this case, they both hold their positive sides.
Stay awesome!

Wow. I can't believe that some terms Lik Dis exist here in steemit.
Great @ejemai tanks for the lessons


The Blockchain is the new reality and there are so many words we can use to make our day productive.
Stay awesome!