For The Total Steemit Newbies.

in #steem7 years ago

Do you want to get followers (more)?

Do you want to get your posts appreciated by many?

Do you want to get more upvotes and resteems?

Do you want more comments and interactions in your posts?

Then follow the "Golden Rule" :

Do unto others what YOU want others to do unto you.

Wise eh?!

Happy Steeming and more powers to all of us.

-This is East



Can you expand on how you see this for yourself and others? To me, on steemit, it means interacting others and teaching and learning from each other.

Steemit is a community of diverse people.

When you act positively towards other steemians they will come to appreciate your effort and thus would like to return the favor. In Steem, it would mean, commenting, upvoting and interacting with them in here and on other Steemit related platforms and chats, the more you take part with whats going on the more you benefit.

Yes, we all learn from each other that way too. Cheers!

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