Steem Kicking Ass Today

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I still have not been able to figure out what influences the price of steem but I'll take this any day!


Agreed but it has been steadily dropping over the past couple of weeks so we are still behind longer term, especially when you think that bitcoin has doubled over the past few weeks! Hopefully Steem has a long way to go.

I wrote about that yesterday. This summer has been amazing for crypto but steem has actually dropped since peaking in June. We have also added a ton of users so it doesn't make sense to me.

Can't wait to see $5 per STEEM someday!

Same here! No more work for me, just cocaine and hookers, actually escorts, I'll be too classy for hookers.

It's a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Dude, it's encrypted too..

Steem is on the move.

Let's hope it stays on the move!

I'm still trying to figure out how the steem works, as well as the cryptocurrency but my main reason for being here is for the blogging platform. I mean, I'd like to learn more about it, just not yet. I'm still developing my platform, gaining followers and well-thought out comments and perfecting my blogging (formatting).

It looks like you are doing a good job so far. Keep putting out quality and you will get quality in return!

Yes, absolutely. I am watching my quantity right now and have re-focused on quality. Big difference.

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I admit to being dumb as a door knob on how all that plays into just having fun reading and interacting with folks here, one day it will all make sense..

You don't gotta be the butcher, just enjoy the steak!

LOL As we spent the morning rounding up loose cattle!

Lol, been there several times. Not fun. Our cows got good at jumping fences and we finally added a hot wire about 1 foot above the last strains of barbed wire and that put a stop to it.

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