“You NEED To Invest In Bitcoin BEFORE NOVEMBER”

in steem •  4 months ago

With all the arguments on the subject of bitcoin, one source says it's here to stay. Now financial institutions are taking a liking to it and seeing the true potential. With so much exchanges popping up and ico's left right and center. This is a big paradigm shift if you can see. Even the general public love this technology with instant or very fast transaction changes and anonymity (to some degree) this is a very good asset to invest in for future gains and future stability. And keep in mind this has other coins and Dapp's that give speculation that they have potential to be bigger than other social media and blogging apps (such as this one) that show potential just because of the one fact that they are decentralized and create freedom of speech without being blocked are stopped due to your god giving will to speak about a subject. For a more in depth overview and a solid point of view watch this video overview. Please be advised this is in no way financial advice just a point of view to share with the masses.

Best Regards Durian Walker
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Yeah you better get in before Crypto ETFs will start the next Hype :) I'm not sure if we will see this at november but 2019 seems possible.