What Is DTube? - Why It Can Replace YouTube!

in steem •  4 months ago

Well it's true with all the new stipulation pertaining to youtube our brother of steemit is getting a lot of attention. Dtube ladies and gentlemen is taking over and with it giving the same power to users as steemit does being decentralized is great. I think if I remember talking about dtube in the past, but with that said oh!!! steemians and the general public this is BIG!!! I love it i just love it. This here has way more potential with this being digital gold. If you thought bitcoin was big this is huge. The future for us isn't meek anymore it's wide open for anyone to use. With that said just listen to the facts from this young gentleman and don't forget to leave a reply and start a conversation about the topic in this post.

Best Regards
Durian Walker

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