What Is Anarchy?

in steem •  3 months ago

Are we in a state of anarchy? Well that's a question you should ask yourself, I mean we have all these decentralized systems some good some bad. We as humans have great power in our hands, Steemit is one tool but I truly think it's all about your moral compass. We all need to follow some kind of rule if not we are doomed by corruption, theft and just straight up no regards for others. I think bitcoin and all these technologies give us a means to have for say a backbone or a to make a living, now there's nothing wrong with this but just please remember with great power comes great responsibility. So I'm asking as a dear steemian and crypto enthusiast that we all come together and make our systems safe and secure. We don't need gamer's and corrupter's to spoil our opportunities. Please watch this short video of anarchy just as an overview.

Best Regards Durian Walker
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