Is Decentralization the Future of Social Media?

in steem •  5 months ago

Is decentralization the future of social media? I would say yes. Why? Well the obvious reason would be new market (Crypto) and technology (block-chain) create a win, win situation for the user and platform creators. Users being the benefactor's and creators creating something powerful and revolutionary could quite possibly be the change of how we think of future technology. If you look at facebook no one on earth thought it would take off the way it did. Mind you Facebook still has room for growth anything can change. But with the pop up of new digital assets and decentralized apps the world of tech is ever changing. Plus there isn't as much upkeep with decentralized platform's as there would be with say a youtube. Reason being the users decide how the platform's content is distributed and nodes from the user's control the contract's on the platform. Also to date I think it would be harder to hack a decentralized platform than a distributed platform. With that said please watch this video overview from this youtuber and listen to his take on the future of social media. Thank you.

as always Best Regards Durian Walker
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