Is Bitcoin A Bubble? Bitcoin Market Analysis 2018

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What does this mean bitcoin bubble? Well every once and a while (putting it lightly) there is a technological phenomenon. Examples are like the telephone, transistors, the internet and things of that nature. Well some speculators say this bitcoin bubble will burst. Let me put it this way bitcoin cannot be manipulated by anyone or anything, I'ts virtually immutable, yes it can be forked and have an altcoin created out of it's source code but you cannot manipulate bitcoin. In the future though and even some instances now bitcoin can maybe be forked to make a better coin but the bitcoin application is still there. With the quantity (which cannot increase) and the demand you better believe the price will skyrocket and if the bubble does burst the appreciation percentage will very well be lightly dented, mainly because the adoption is so strong. Well this is just my opinion and my point of view from my research when it comes to cryptocurrency and any asset that holds any kind of intrinsic value. Thanks for listening and watch this short video review of the bitcoin bubble. Also don't forget to leave a reply and start a conversation.

Best Regards Durian Walker
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