Well well, so it comes to this finally. We knew it was coming. But Positivity however you view it is a must. Tron$ rep is sad, but so is steemit$. But together we are all stronger. We are all reaching for the same goal to decentralize the world. Does not change the greed of imperfect men tho. Nothing is perfect but we take what we can in the most productive way we can. Its not an easy road, be glad it made some good people rich though, who have the same goals with blockchain. We are not at war with other blockchains we are at war with the corrupt system. We have to come together even if it takes swallowing pride and being humble. Let's do this. This is good if we swallow the red pill. Its only a glitch in the matrix. B⃤ E⃤ W⃤ E⃤ L⃤ L⃤

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Untrust to Steem.

let focuss at war with the corrupt system .