Why Not Post In A Community ?

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Visibility Reduction On Author's Blog

Posting in a community reduce the visibility of the post on the author's blog. A good thing for discrete shitposting.

You Need To Resteem yourself

You need to resteem yourself! Let's upvote ourselves again?
If your post really deserve to appear in a community, someone will cross-post it.

Not Visible Despite Resteem

When I browse to an author and there are resteems, I exclude resteems to see only posts from the author. Posts posted by the author in a community are not visible then.


Blog Default View

I used to like the old default view with all content: author's posts and resteems. I often filtered resteems if there were many, in order to enjoy only the author's content.

These two views don't exist anymore in the UIs. I don't like it. Do you like it?

Communities are confusing

@razvanelulmarin is confused. @acesontop noticed he has some missing and thought that was a bug.

I Want Tags Back

I want a feed with my prefered tags, not the communities. I don't adhere communities.

So they just replaced tags panel with communities...

So Much Time For An Already Existing JSON Property

SMT are not released yet. So much time of work for that! Using finally the category JSON property otherwise than copying the first tag.

I wonder how will be the Steemit interface with Tron and how expensive will be the use of SteemiTron.


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What is the difference between a community post and a tagged post, if any?

Communities are groups, with administrators and moderators.

Yes. And they can ignore/mute you, just like they have done in my case yesterday (on 2020.02.26) in the @dcooperation community without any given reason or explanation. Probably they do not like my honest opinions about the Steem blockchain and about people in general. I would not recommend communities. The censorship is real.

Sad. The censorship was in communities by design.

Communities are
Groups, with administrators
And moderators.

                 - droida

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Very interesting.

Is there a defined mechanism of administration and moderation?

Sure the mechanism is defined but I didn't tried it yet.

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