Crappy Notification System From Steemit

in #steemlast year (edited)

I don't like the new UI improvements, notifications. For Steemit users, sure that is an improvement.

But for Steempeak users, it is a regression. Steempeak notifications were far better before Justin's release.

Steem Notifications On Steemit

The red circle is too flashy. The popup menu doesn't show the notifications but only a link to the page and a useless repetition of the number already seen. Two clicks are needed to see the new notifications.

Steem Notifications On Steempeak

Notifications on Steempeak were great already before the release. The popup menu shows the last ones without a second click.

Before Justin Sun's Release

Transfers and rewards could be notified. Notifications could be filtered, only choosen categories were shown and triggered the red circle accordingly to the filter.

Now The List Is Fixed

Now the notification reading time is written in the blockchain. That should be stored in a cookie or in a preference hosted on the website, like Steempeak was doing. It is a threat to privacy.

Steempeak Notifications Were Far Better

The list is fixed and you can't choose the categories anymore. The implementation of the notifications by Steemit in Steem is worse than what was on Steempeak.


The Pros

Resteems and mentions are notified. That was already so on

So much time of work for that!

Steemit, have you no shame? What a disaster will be SteemiTron?


lstupid top witnesses, idiot hardforks......., and now the next step downstairs.... :((((((


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Ginabot is way better. The notifications requires you mark as read and aren't consistent or customisable.

Is Ginabot available elsewhere than on Discord?

Nah. Just discord for now.

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