New Beginnings

in #steem2 years ago

What was in the cards for quite a long time - since HF 16.0, if I remember well - the possibility of a new chain, to which the STEEM community to migrate, without the hassle of the ninja-mined stake that is still spreading its toxicity years after has been created, is finally real. As @blocktrades announced less than an hour ago, there seems to be a concerted effort towards this.

I'm writing this to let my followers know that I'll be moving forward to this new chain. If they want to come along, that would be great. If they want to remain on this chain, also great, it's their life and their decisions. I'm not pushing anyone, not spreading false promises and not speaking badly of anyone.

I know there will be risks. But I feel "steem", as a life event for me, is exhausted. I have to move into a new direction, one that would be, I hope, clearer, with more freedom and more fulfilling.

Here are some places where this move is discussed.


I feel the same and I fully support as well this new chain. Steem died the day Ned sold steemit INC to Justin.

I want in! Justin is ruining everything. The ecosystem cannot be trusted anymore. Any idea on the timeline? Should we start pulling our SP or wait until there is something more formal?

I think after we get our new hive token would be a good time to power down but I hope @dragosroua can help answer this question better

I think so too. Love your avatar.

The poet said: "There is no road as a wayfarer, you make your way as you walk! Let's start making that path.