Let's Cover The Basics: Did You Vote For STEEM Witnesses?

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As I already wrote a couple of days ago, we're still in muddy waters with regard to the recent merger between Steemit Inc and TRON Foundation. We still don't know exactly what will happen. Don't know if STEEM will be swapped over to the TRON blockchain, or if there will be a pegged token somewhere in between, and that's not good. This uncertainty gives room to speculation, and speculation eventually gives way to fud, and from there it all spirals downwards.

I've seen this oh, so many times.

So, this would be the right time for clear heads and clear thinking. If we're keeping our community strong, then we can at least have a say in what will happen. But in order for that to happen, the stake must be used. In simpler, words, you have to vote for witnesses.

You have to use your stake, because that's what DPOS stands for: Delegated Proof of Stake, not Delegates Proof of Sleep.

So, just make sure you either vote for your favorite witness, or set a proxy for that (you can even use me as a proxy, if you agree with my witness votes).

Let's cover the basics, and the basics are pretty clear: as long as the stake of this blockchain is evenly distributed among trustworthy and reliable witnesses, we can avoid a stake attack. There might still be shit around getting ready to hit the fan, but at least we checked this.

P.S. I was inspired by this post of witness @therealwolf. Feel free to read that post too and cast your vote to whoever you think they deserve it the most, but do vote!

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Dragos Roua

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It's free to use, but if you think this is a useful addition, I'd appreciate your witness vote.

Thank you!

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One more question is arround in my mind what is the significance effect for witnesses vote in this situation while ther is a volatile environment between steem and torn foundation.

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The volatile situation can be stabilized if there's a majority of stake controlled by the current longstanding witnesses.

I should have many votes to use still, the link there to take the user to vote for you isnt working though 😃

This should work, I just tested it. You should have already connected on steemconnect.com though.

I use my witness votes, but I'm sure many have not, if they even realise it's an option. I'm seeing some reasoned discussion from the witnesses. We should vote for those who have our interests at heart.

I still got 15 slots for witness vote. I dunno who else is very worthy. Don't worry, I voted for you a long time ago.

Might as well give them to some witness who can always upvote my posts regularly with $1 worth...:D

Vote for the witnesses, even if it's pot luck and you don't know their angle. Better than not voting. Or find at least one good proxy.

I didn't use all my witness slots but I upvoted for all my favorite ones. You reminded me, I have to check if all of them are still active.

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